End of File is a first person 'perspective' puzzle game. The emphasis is on observation and exploration. The world, an abstraction of a broken piece of software that you are attempting to traverse and understand.

While fairly polished, the game is only a prototype. It was developed as a student project at the Victoria University of Wellington as part of one of our courses. After the course some of us spent a little more time adding a bit more polish so the game could be released to the public.

While developing the game we came up with many concepts that we simply had no time to implement in the timeframe of our course. We would love to revisit the game and rebuild it bigger, better, and longer. If we do depends on feedback and interest from people who play it.

Please play the game, tell us what you think, what we can improve, or if you'd like to see us expand/rebuild it. We already have tons of personal notes about what we want to improve in a rebuild, but to ensure we don't miss anything, all feedback is taken into consideration.